Patient Responsibility Balance Management

An end-to-end focus on the patient financial experience

Patient responsibility management is a top revenue cycle priority. At Pendrick, we integrate extensive data and operational expertise to provide a comprehensive solution for the management of patient responsibility volume. Our focus on the patient financial experience delivers improved results across the revenue cycle.

Direct-to-consumer Communication via Text

Seamlessly communicate with patients through SMS and Text to improve the patient experience and generate faster payment response. We make it easy for patients to see, understand, and pay their bills directly from their mobile devices. Our automated communication accelerates payments and reduces unnecessary expense.

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Patient Insights and Operational Analytics

Develop a clear understanding of your patients and their ability to pay to facilitate tailored collections initiatives. Our proprietary platform integrates consumer data with over 100 million owned accounts to deliver unparalleled insights into patient behaviors. Our practice-level data analytics informs operational improvements across your organization.

Financing Options for Patients

Provide creative financing options to your patients to ensure the cost of care is manageable. Pendrick's patient financing options offer 0% interest free financing to help patients pay for care without additional burden. Our services include recourse options with cash advance and nonrecourse options to reduce provider risk. We also provide pre- and post-visit screening, depending on the site of the care.

Active Account Management

Generate an average of 30% improvement in collections efforts through active account management. We frequently analyze accounts based on data-driven factors unique to your organization to deliver the most effective collections strategies. Accounts are continuously moved between our trusted network of agencies to generate improved results, while slowing the degradation of the collection curve.

Aged Account Liquidation

Accelerate cash flow while reducing risk with Pendrick's aged account solution. We purchase aged accounts to provide an immediate source of cash for our clients. Our forward flow, ongoing services create predictable cash flow month after month. Our consolidated vendor program and industry-leading compliance reduce risk while improving financial results for our healthcare partners.

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